Real Estate Lingo: What Your Realtor Really Means


In episode 2 of their video series on San Diego’s Food & Real Estate, REALTORS® Mary Beth Kellee and Philip Fredricksen explain what realtors really mean by terms like “comfortable”, “cozy”, and “park-like setting”. Below you can learn some additional real estate lingo used to describe property listings to help you navigate the home-buying process in San Diego.

More Real Estate Listing Lingo:

All about the view: This typically means you should focus on the exterior elements of the home, because the inside may underwhelm you or be outdated.

All original details: This usually refers to classic vintage features like hardwood floors, tiles, glass door knobs, wood moldings, faucets, and lighting. However, it can also mean it has a very dated interior and doesn’t necessarily mean that the condition of these features is usable.

Cozy, charming or comfortable: This usually means the home is very small. 

Hidden gem: This usually means the home is located in an area with very little name recognition. “Hidden gem” markets are areas that aren’t well-known and aren’t yet being bought-up by big institutional investors. It can also mean the home itself is a diamond in the rough. 

Location, location, location: You’ll hear this all the time during your home search. It typically means the property is located in a highly desirable area– one within walking distance of shopping, restaurants, outdoor recreation, public transportation, etc. This can also sometimes mean that the home itself is underwhelming, but that the area it’s located in makes up for it. 

Low maintenance: This usually means the property has a very small yard or no yard at all.

Move-in ready: This means the home is turnkey – it’s stylish, updated, and requires little to no upgrades or changes.

Motivated seller: This is usually a hint that the seller is ready to sell the property and is flexible on the price. It could also mean the seller hasn’t received any offers.

Priced to sell: This usually means the seller believes they have not overpriced the property and they aren’t willing to negotiate with much lower of an offer.

Up-and-coming neighborhood: This often means the neighborhood is located in a low-income area but could soon be in the process of gentrification and eventually the housing prices could increase significantly. 

Want Help Navigating the Home-Buying Process in San Diego? 

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