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We KNOW Philanthropy and Event Production

Known to many as a Master Connector, Mary Beth has a unique ability to network and introduce like-minded entities to join in a common mission. Connecting people together is a gift that has been the cornerstone of her career both as a fundraiser as well as in the private sector. Her abilities to raise awareness and promotion from small start-ups to large foundations through her connections and coveted Rolodex have proven fantastically successful.

Mary Beth's stock in trade is the rare ability to convert her sphere of influence and network of businesses and friends to her clients' advantage as revenue-generating opportunities. The way she can run in stilettos is just another rare ability she possesses.

Mary Beth also produces events, including:

  • Many events over the years for Project Runway's Gordana Gelhausen, Christopher Straub, Mila Hermanvoski and took them to New York Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week
  • Events for Drew Breese, Suze Orman and Steve Finely
  • Several events in a 10-week timeframe last year for LLS Man of the Year. Her team's candidate WON and they raised 3 times the money anyone else raised who was also running.

Mary Beth sits on several boards including:

  • Scripps La Jolla Advisory Council Board
  • Coldwell Banker West Foundation Board

All of these events help Mary Beth produce "out of the box" open houses and property launches.  Especially high-end homes.

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